Sunday, 12 April 2009

Cherry for business

finally cherry cherry is open for and gemma (correll) have set up shop within th eperfect pad, norwich. we sell handmade contemporary craft items made by very talented folk, such as kelly robb, julia pott, beth morrison as well as lots more...if you're about in the fine city pop in and have a rummage! or look at our blog here

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Clare said...

I just had a very odd moment. I was looking through flickr message boards about crafters who have blogs and was just about to add mine when I saw your little picture of the bird...
As I am writing this your little bird is looking at my from a flyer on my wall of inspiration! I think I picked it up from a craft fair near me in London.
I often pick up flyers from stalls I like and have often looked at your little bird when I should have been working.
It's nice to put a person to the flyer and so funny to stumble upon you like that.